10:30 AM Worship Service

6:30 PM Bible Study

Nov. 13, 2022


JOHN 6:5-23

How can we express genuine thanks in the face of overwhelming needs?

1. Do not panic

John 6:5

But sometimes we can be surprised by needs. Needs can hit our lives with such fury that it leaves us breathless or fearful. 

2. Throw away your safety nets

John 6:6

More than any other life situation needs expose and test our internal support systems.

Where do we turn for help in a crisis? Do we cry out to the Lord? 

Needs will show you in whom or what you are really trusting. They serve a purpose.

3. Keep your eye on the Lord

John 7:7-9

Phillip was saying "What I can DO is insufficient and inadequate.” Andrew was saying "What I HAVE is insufficient and inadequate.”

They did not really believe that God would take care of them. They had become distracted from the basic truths of faith. Their view of God had become distorted.

Paul warns the Romans about the warped view of God that can result from an attitude of ingratitude:

Romans 1:21-23

It is vital that we maintain a grateful, trusting spirit in the face of our needs. 

4. Choose to thank God for all things

John 6:10-11, 23

Two miracles resulted:

  1. There was the miracle of the inadequate becoming more than adequate. 
  2. Then there was the miracle of understanding. 

5. Do it together

He asked questions and moved deliberately to train their hearts to be grateful at all times. They were learning together.